ok so i wrote all the previous post very late last night (11/10) and have had nearly a day to reflect on it all:

had a very interesting session on Narrative Compression today in which (among other things) Todorov’s take on narrative structure was introduced to us.. essentially-

Equilibrium > Disruption > Resolution > Restored Order > New Equilibrium

I had a bit of an epiphany (oi oi) whilst sitting there – if a formula non-invasively sets parameters as opposed to merely dictating a set/predefined route i don’t think i’d have an issue with it ..

[e.g. “its advisable to stay on the earthy side of a cliff” is a perfectly acceptable formula in my eyes, it allows for freedom of movement but at the same time advises against something which could result in death.. similarly with Todorov’s structure, just substitute “movement” for “expression” and “death” for “cinematic turd“]

however, i think this whole thing is entirely subjective – it’s up to the recipient of said formula to make this distinction..

as my production group embarks on its first short film – i’m very wary of us constructing a narrative to satisfy (or perhaps – appease) Todorov’s framework .. instead i hope that we can just successfully communicate an engaging story to an audience beyond those involved_ every good story in the history of the art inadvertently ticks those boxes; in communities whose only tool for recording information was or is the brain a story would have to rely exclusively on the quality of it’s content to survive through generations.. i think we have far too much to hide behind in cinema/storytelling nowadays [as well as being gimmicky  (subject to context) – 3D, green screen, and any other overused post production tool is unfortunately probably just covering up for an absence of original or engaging narrative.. anyway, this has evolved into a far broader monologue than intended.. i’ll save some of this for the next 3 years ] ..

oh oh oh before i go –

this short film (Balint Kenyeres’ Before Dawn) is a real treat.. great example of a conventional narrative being communicated in a completely unconventional and original way [the youTube video beneath is just a clip, click the link above for the full film ]..