i haven’t really had much to say since my posts last week, they covered a lot of underlying thought processes..

things to add briefly –

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris was brilliant.. genuinely refreshing (amidst the darkness that cinema is currently engulfed by) to see something so able to engage the senses without assaulting them in the process.. it submerges the viewer in a meta-physical art-deco Parisian gin barrel of existential dilemma and nostalgic yearning, yet it does it so surreptitiously and effortlessly you barely notice how deep you’re going.. magic.

Allen relies solely on an incredibly original and captivating narrative to deliver his message and unpack his themes – which he does ridiculously well; no shock, gimmicks or pretence in sight. great film..

..i now also really want to live in paris in the 20s, sorry Woody, i learned nothing ;]

anyway.. here are some more shots of lines and shapes (+ a self portrait) from the grounds of UEA, my new architectural muse_