went to Germany in late September to check out Photokina 2012.. Whilst staying in Cologne i met up with a new friend who let me into an old church (St Michael- Brüsseler Platz) to play a grand piano he’d hired for some festivals he was organising; It was a massive honour, and probably the highlight of my visit, to play in the same venue as Hauschka, Nils Frahm and many other greats of the post/contemporary classical scene –

just before we left i played two improvised tracks and recorded them on my iPhone (didn’t think to take my mic on holiday. idiot.) I named the tracks after two people i met that week, a homage to two stories i was given the privilege of having the briefest of cameos in_

[ the EP is available for free download here ] 

Für Dietmar – 
Dietmar is a full time social worker who somehow finds time to put on some fantastic shows and musical experiences for the people of his city. It was inspiring to meet someone so deeply involved with music,  purely for their love of it.

Für Laura – 
Laura is a 6 year old girl who stays with her dad on alternate weeks; she runs around, occasionally dropping the tennis ball she bounces around her father’s apartment.

[ the EP is available for free download here ]