went to see Warhorse today_ terrible adaptation of a potentially great story (haven’t seen the play – which i hear is great) + s h i t acting (having given an incredible performance in Tyranosaur- Peter Mullan was awful) + C H E E S E .. the horse was good at least

i can imagine the original story being a powerful statement on the futility of war and the endurance of love and trust (in various forms); these components were merely churned into some sickly hollywo-sentimental turd (“hollywo-sentimental turd” patent pending) .. acting was horrendous (few exceptions – french grandad, couple of the soldiers, and the animals) + accents were mostly overly stereotypical.. cinematography was for the most part average though a couple of the war scenes were stunning..

music – john williams’ score was just a regurgitated medley of all his previous work, not a hint of reinvention..

i assumed, with Spielberg directing, that even if it wasn’t breathtaking it would still be very good – sadly not. the end __