went to Germany in late September to check out Photokina 2012.. Whilst staying in Cologne i met up with a new friend who let me into an old church (St Michael- Brüsseler Platz) to play a grand piano he’d hired for some festivals he was organising; It was a massive honour, and probably the highlight of my visit, to play in the same venue as Hauschka, Nils Frahm and many other greats of the post/contemporary classical scene –

just before we left i played two improvised tracks and recorded them on my iPhone (didn’t think to take my mic on holiday. idiot.) I named the tracks after two people i met that week, a homage to two stories i was given the privilege of having the briefest of cameos in_

[ the EP is available for free download here ] 

Für Dietmar – 
Dietmar is a full time social worker who somehow finds time to put on some fantastic shows and musical experiences for the people of his city. It was inspiring to meet someone so deeply involved with music,  purely for their love of it.

Für Laura – 
Laura is a 6 year old girl who stays with her dad on alternate weeks; she runs around, occasionally dropping the tennis ball she bounces around her father’s apartment.

[ the EP is available for free download here ] 


two of my photos have been used by Wooden Arms for some new EPs of theirs. which is nice. their music is also very nice. have a listen_

(that was my attempt at a phonetic spelling of the Emerican pronunciation of “documentaries” .. neither here nor there really)

It’s been an incredible summer for documentaries at the cinema (two years at sea was a huge anticlimax as far as i was concerned but still worth seeing for the cinematography. the last 3 on this list in particular are absolutely stunning) :

Woody Allen: A Documentary // The Last Projectionist // Two Years at Sea // Nostalgia For The Light // Searching for Sugar Man // The Imposter







go see them ..


submitting this to Sigur Ros’ Valtari film competition, if you like what you see please support my entry

one day the skies over Norwich went crazy and produced the greatest amount of rain i’ve ever seen, effectively trapping me indoors . so, i decided to film the rain from inside looking out .. the overall mood of ‘Varðeldur’ seems (to me) to suggest vulnerability yet comfort / security and i guess that’s what made me want to work with it..

The footage was taken over the course of an afternoon using an iPhone4s with a variety of lenses and homemade filters.


this is a poster i made for an event in London. you should go.

going blog-crazy tonight. just realised how long it’s been since i posted anything.


this is a track (can never bring myself to use the word “composition” though that is exactly what this is) i’ve been working on for quite a while .. it’s off an album that i’ve been wanting to release for over 365 days now, i just can’t bring myself to put it up for free download. dignity means more to me than exposure; for the moment at least – it waxes and wanes. (if anyone’s curious about my stance on free downloads- ask me)

the title, “such a thing a home”, comes from something i wrote a few years ago when living in London. Coupled with the fact I’d been working on this track on and off over what i’d class as some of the most transitional and (emo alert) seemingly “home-less” moments of my life – i just thought the name worked. so these were the words, they’ve remained unseen until now. they don’t define me in the way they once did:


When i was a boy the universe was mine to roam – everything was new; no boundaries, no phobias, 

just puddles and crayons waiting for me to splash and scribble over the person that I’d be.


 Someday I might meet the things in life I’ve feared the most and on that day I’ll say –

“please don’t leave. you’re all I have to make me feel alive now I’ve let everything I once loved just waste away.”


 or someday I might go- back to the park behind my house, and on that day I’ll sit on the bench beside the lake

and watch the birds as they land on the water, wondering why I’ve missed this for so many years.


 now i’m still a boy- but I don’t want the universe. A little box would do if i could live in it with you-

just listening to the world pass by our window wondering how we could call such a thing a home.. such a thing a “home”…


[so i finally got round to recording this on video the other day at a friend’s house.. this was the first time i’d sat at a piano since my last EP “together” was recorded back in April (an occasion on which i had also not played the piano for over 3 months.. worrying trend emerging) . If you think you can hear some muffled swearing at the start of the video that’s because you can – i was getting increasingly annoyed at not being able to remember my own music and subsequently messing up every take. apart from this one]

i recently did the artwork (photography / typography) for Sam Brookes’ single – Glasshouse.. currently available as an exclusive free download via Helium records’ site, it’s a stunning track .. go get it. now :]

here’s a short (3 minute) interview / feature on my music + Tourette’s Syndrome that was aired on BBC Norfolk a few weeks ago:


saw Ridley Scott’s Prometheus on a Saturday night as part of an archetypal night out with my housemates – film + bowling + pizza .

(To include the fact that i won at bowling would be both self indulgent and irrelevant so i won’t. But say i was to include that fact – i would swiftly counterbalance it with an acknowledgement of that victory being completely down to luck.. Culinary Embodiment of Mediocrity Cabin, wait no – Pizza Hut – was good, dirty cutlery and cheese topped stodge aside.. no no i joke, it was a really nice night out with some lovely people)

have never felt compelled to see any of the Alien films but i just thought it would be worth seeing this_ the trailer did after all look pretty wicked – promises of existential dilemma interspersed with action and terror .. looked great. the actual film was (in my opinion) quite far from that – yeah there was action, and extra terrestrial beef, and it looked great in parts – but none of that could mask the shallow characterisation or thematically hollow script. A toddler with the slightest hint of an awareness of it’s own mortality could have written something more engaging and thought provoking..

la la la la la  (oh and here’s a photo of typo in local publication)