saw Ridley Scott’s Prometheus on a Saturday night as part of an archetypal night out with my housemates – film + bowling + pizza .

(To include the fact that i won at bowling would be both self indulgent and irrelevant so i won’t. But say i was to include that fact – i would swiftly counterbalance it with an acknowledgement of that victory being completely down to luck.. Culinary Embodiment of Mediocrity Cabin, wait no – Pizza Hut – was good, dirty cutlery and cheese topped stodge aside.. no no i joke, it was a really nice night out with some lovely people)

have never felt compelled to see any of the Alien films but i just thought it would be worth seeing this_ the trailer did after all look pretty wicked – promises of existential dilemma interspersed with action and terror .. looked great. the actual film was (in my opinion) quite far from that – yeah there was action, and extra terrestrial beef, and it looked great in parts – but none of that could mask the shallow characterisation or thematically hollow script. A toddler with the slightest hint of an awareness of it’s own mortality could have written something more engaging and thought provoking..

la la la la la  (oh and here’s a photo of typo in local publication)