here’s a 2 minute short i made recently. it was meant to be an exercise in designing sound for non-narrative film.


the footage was intended to look at the interplay / conflict between light and darkness, literally and metaphorically .. the footage was shot in my room and in a local graveyard during the snow at the beginning of February.. i based the structure of the film and it’s content on this quote from John’s gospel_

“the light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not understood it”

the sound was intended to mirror the visuals, i went for a mixture of lighter / organic / minimally processed sounds with some much heavier / digital / distorted / dark noises .. the sounds were created using (not simultaneously) street noise, water, an empty bathtub, an extractor fan, my mouth, a speaker, leaves / branches. oh, and a piano..

here’s a long exposure photo i took of the film playing on a projector screen after it’s production_