hi. its been a while again. oops.

saw two films over the weekend _

Lars & The Real Girl + The Descendants

“Lars And..” was (in my opinion) phenomenalnarrative at it’s best: original, engaging, hilarious, emotive, redemptive .. backed up by a stellar performance from Mr Gosling (who really must return my hat some day) and highly credible acting (the kind that could have potentially, in part, rescued Warhorse) from the supporting cast + beautiful score from David Torn … been meaning to see the film for years having bought some of the music years ago, happened to arrive on my birthday (28. yuck. let’s not go there) which was nice..  a reclusive & delusional 27 year old forges a relationship with a sex doll- whom he animates and presents as real to himself and the world around him .. the film (contrary to preconceptions) is not even remotely sexual, mental health all the way .. i wont spoil anything but the way the story unfolds is absolutely magical, painting such a beautiful picture of the life an inclusive community can radiate_ it’s inspiring.

“The Descendants” was also good, good – not brilliant. definitely worth a watch, maybe i’d buy it.. again, credible performances (clooney = particularly so) , redemptive narrative – guy starts with an unresolved tear in his marriage and two fractured relationships with his daughters and ends the film with a fully resolved / whole (unconventionally so) appreciation for the flawed and beautiful character of his soon-to-be-dead wife (“my pain, my love”) and restored relationships, friendships even, with his two girls  .. enjoyed the story, actually found myself feeling appreciative by the end of it, not the slightest bit depressed.

anyway anyway _ what i found really fascinating and strangely coincidental was the way in which both films (highly successfully) revolved around inanimate central characters (in some senses- almost protagonists) … its a great narrative tool, one which i’ll try to remember in the future . done. bye

here are some photo/collages i made recently_