ok i know i haven’t posted in a while_ this is due to  a] not having anything particularly great to say and b] having a massive backlog of photographs to upload (about 300. its daunting) // brief updates on film + music_

  • moving image degree – we’ve just started a sound design module which i am absolutely loving. i’ve been aware of music’s ability to enhance visuals for quite a while now but if i’m honest i never fully appreciated just how much sound can add to the experience.. or to be more specific- i’ve never really thought about just how much sound can be manipulated to induce emotional / sensory reactions. // from a photographic perspective – i recently got a new phone with a decent camera and 3G so am able to take and share instantaneously via instagram (x_k if anyone wants to follow/be followed) , this has properly got me back into photography.. generally using it as a cinematography scrapbook and loving it.
  • music – am working on a transatlantic, 3 track, wintry collaboration with a friend over in the states and massively looking forward to putting that out in the next few months .. in terms of solo stuff – have had 2 failed attempts at recording a full length album – i.e. recordings have all been made but just not happy enough with the overall sound/quality to put out .. but i really am determined to make a physical release happen, somehow, this year .. i guess we’ll see, i hope it can happen. i’ve been waiting years to get some of those tracks out.


much more importantly- RARG // i discovered this short animated film sitting in DVDular form on a shelf in the NUCA library today.. i’d seen it a few years ago on VHS – it was so hard to track down that my friend who introduced me to it had to write directly to the production team to get a copy.. i haven’t been able to find it since, which is why i was so amazed to see it there..

although it masquerades as a kids’ film, sharing dressing rooms with The Poddington Peas, it easily rivals Donnie Darko and Inception for content and depth. seriously. metaphysical wanderings + existential dilemmas. watching it again this evening made me think just how shit so many films are, this really would put an awful lot of stuff to shame… speaking of which- don’t get me started on the anticlimactic-beyond-belief/appalling-application-of-an-extraordinary-idea/poorly scripted/poorly acted/un-inspiringly shot ‘Another Earth’. that made me sad. (but ‘The Artist’ made me happy again) .. oh, Rarg is finally available to buy on DVD, if you like it- get it, its only £3.97 _