have felt pretty uninspired so far on my new course – i desperately needed to re-engage with film .. so went out yesterday to the grounds of UEA and just filmed anything i liked the look of for about 2 hours.. i’d almost forgotten how much i love composing shots and pacing them- the only downside is my camera (a Canon IXUS 130) isn’t full HD or really intended to make short films on – but it has a really nice macro mode and even it’s absence of pixels actually worked quite well with this particular piece.. i also forget just how much i enjoy piecing together footage or imagery to create some kind of story/narrative..

i feel a sense of belonging/home whenever i’m slightly removed from concrete and crowds.. nature somehow manages to pause my quest for somewhere, or someone, to belong to and i like it for that (alongside it’s many other attributes) .. so i guess that’s what was retrospectively extracted from the footage in the edit.. the theme and visual content also seemed to coincide well with one of my favourite pieces of instrumental music- Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek’s Homecoming – so decided to turn the film into an unofficial video for the track..

i worry that there isn’t much room for my way of doing things in this industry..

spontaneity/retrospective extraction of subconscious narrative and meticulous pre-planning aren’t exactly destined for a lifetime of happiness together.. I’m happy to compromise to some extent but i don’t ever want to get to the point where i won’t just go out with a camera and shoot without any idea of what i’m going to shoot. serendipity is something i value highly in many aspects of my work and i will fight for it’s freedom to interfere..

just to dispel any misconceptions i might have encouraged to grow here – i’m not at all opposed to planning-

despite being drawn to the improvised film my ideal project would definitely be a merger * of the two. i.e. having a rough or detailed framework that could expand to allow for the possibility of something unplanned and beautiful occurring within it..  

anyway, early days on the course.. we’ll see how this all goes i guess ;]

* it’s worth pointing out that i just had *enormous* difficulty attempting to spell “merger” .. after a good thirty or so seconds the closest i could get was “mergure” but that felt too much like a shakespearian thief’s name to be right.. fortunately, spellcheck saved the day.. alas, following independent investigations Mergure was released uncharged