was in london for a few days – here are two photos i took.. one is of a lonely overground platform, the other is a self portrait on said platform_

in terms of where i’m at with the course – in all honesty I’m yet to actually feel excited about it at all .. the facilities are cool, the people/tutors are nice but i’m just waiting for the beat to kick in. don’t get me wrong- there have been good things and memorable moments but none of them have been connected to film. or should i say – connected to my involvement with film. yet.  [i know that sounds cynical but it’s the truth. and just to clarify – the move to Norwich has been an overwhelmingly positive one.. this whole thing with the course isn’t a negative, it’s just a temporary absence of a tangible positive. yes that’s it]

i’m finding this whole “reflect on the creative process” aspect of the blog really difficult too which is part of the reason i haven’t written anything since my group started filming 2 weeks ago.. actually scrap that; it’s THE reason i haven’t written anything__ how do you balance honesty with diplomacy? one or the other inevitably gets suppressed to some degree. i think i’ll just spare myself that particular juggling act and instead of publicly listing the things that have frustrated me I will list the thing i have learned to never do again, which is:

to shoot video and record sound without having a common point of reference to synchronise and identify them by.  [it’s lunacy and it leads to wasted hours of life..]

.. actually in retrospect that’s more of a conclusive statement than a list.

perhaps next time i’ll cluster together a group of conclusive statements before being so quick to use the L word.