went to see this tonight,

very good film, brutally so, marred ever so slightly however by a fidgety/farting/death-cough man sitting directly behind me pissing about on his unmuted phone for a large chunk of the screening..

he/it also managed to completely disrupt the part where i should have found out who or what the title of the film referred to and why.

in a weird kind of way though it almost felt like this embodiment of the absence of cin-etiquette had been commissioned by Paddy Considine himself to somehow enhance my experience of his film .. the feelings he stirred in me were very similar (admittedly on a slightly lesser scale) to those Joseph (protagonist) appeared to be wrestling with.. however, (S P O I L E R imminent) where Joseph directly confronts his beef – decapitating a staff and proceeding with a journey of self realisation / unconventional redemption i have opted for simmering my inaction in some retrospective and virtual wrath ..   ;]

(oh and this article  seems to coincide quite well with tonight’s experience.. )